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Egonomic Hypoallergenic Usable during sports knee icecare



Inside three cooling elements are inserted that wrap around the knee joint up to the collateral ligaments. The use of the device does not limit any joint degree of freedom. Indications: Distortion, arthrosis, bursitis, post surgical phase, tendon inflammation or injury, dislocation and subluxation.

Hypoallergenic and breathable materials
Egonomic structure: perfect fit of the support and maintaining of the position
Usable during sports activities

Temperature maintenance: according to patient issues it is possible to use different temperatures: 6.5° C and 15° C, even during the same application.
6.5 degrees Celsius Cool Therapy is recommended in the acute phase of trauma.
15° degrees Celsius Cool Therapy is recommended in the not-acute phase of trauma.


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