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powerbreather sport edition

Breathe inside the water as freely and relaxed as never before. The POWERBREATHER is an innovative sports tool, allowing you to experience swimming and snorkel diving at a whole new level. No matter how long or intensively you swim: For the first time, this device provides you constantly with 100% fresh air without water entering. Forget about the complex and demanding technique of crawl breathing. Without having to move your head, the neck and shoulder muscles remain relaxed, while you breathe in and out completely relaxed. The blast-clearing belongs to the past. That makes the POWERBREATHER the perfect companion for leisure and training activities. The POWERBREATHER is going to redefine swimming and snorkeling.

Kit Contents:
1x Powerbreather
2x Speed Vent easy S (Standard)
1x Case Sport

AMEO Powerbreather PB01 (incl. Speed Vent easy S)
Weight: 220 gramm (7,8 oz.) / Dimensions: 365mm x 198mm x 38mm

AREAS OF APPLICATION: Swimming pool as well as calm open water.

The AMEO Powerbreather Sport is for: All swimmers wanting to swim in calm open water as well as in the swimming pool and include no flip turn in their program.

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