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Kite Big air boost for all levels and improved stability Trigger

Kiteboarding | Trigger  9thGen
Kite Sizes: 5/7/8/9/10/12/14
The immensely popular Trigger has been widely acclaimed for almost a decade, and rightly so. With
massive hang time, remarkable agility and pinpoint responsiveness, the Trigger goes far and beyond what
you might expect from your average all-around kite.
As if it wasn't enough, this year we made the Trigger even more exciting by moving it closer to the
window's edge, meaning you can jump higher than ever, loop, spin, grab and still enjoy maximum stability
while doing it. Don't just go for your usual tricks, though. Our all new double-strength cross-fiber canopy encourages you to conquer those elusive high-complexity tricks without worrying about the kite wearing
out. Whether you just started to ride or you're a 15-year veteran, the Trigger is the perfect all-around kite to help you push yourself and reach new heights. Literally.
·Big air boosts
·Improved stability
·Skill building for all levels

Package includes: kite, bag, pump and repair kit

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