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AMT CX-7 Series hand wraps
carbon claw | AMT CX-7 Series hand wraps
When training regularly protection of the hands is crucial, with the most common boxing injuries occurring in the shoulder, arm and hand areas.
Muscular injuries can be frequent but you must not overlook the long term damage to the joints as they take considerable force and load when throwing punches on a regular basis.
There are 27 bones in the human hand and wrist so you can see the benefits with long term training that you protect them carefully, as damage to any one of these bones will severely limit your training progress.
The AMT CX-7 Series hand wraps will also offer extra padding inside the glove if the glove fits incorrectly or shows signs of wear. Owning your own correct fitting gloves will minimise the possibility of injuries but even then the performance of your gloves will diminish over time, so the wraps will add additional support to your hands until your gloves need replacing.
A pair of 3.5 metre in length stretch cotton hand wraps allows enough elasticity to ensure you can apply the correct tension of support to the hands effectively.
Being washable they also help to keep your glove linings in as fresh a condition as possible.
Code/CC-109, Length 3.5 Mtrs
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