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Boxing Leather Bag Gloves Recoil RX-7 Red black blue

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Carbon Claw | Recoil RX 7

As soon as you put on a Recoil RX 7 bag glove you will experience the craftsmanship and manufacturing time that has gone into making this leather glove.

Hitting the bag for the first few times the user is teased into wanting to continue laying down that power and feel to the punch bag.

The bag glove incorporates a generous range of shock absorbent layered foams including a gel layered sheet that compliments an overall firm feel consistency that gradually gives and softens through consistent use.

The foam layers have been formed to ensure a natural clenched fist can be maintained with little or no effort on the inner forearm muscles and the outer hit area has a gel lining under the leather to help dissipate the forces to the hand even before the inner foam layers are called into action.

A built in finger grip bar allows the user to maintain full confidence in the gloves balance and stability for when punches are being repetitively thrown.

Other key features are a safety attached thumb, a wide wrap around wrist strap with hook and loop closure to allow for a multitude of tension settings to create an ideal wrist alignment and support.

The inner glove has a comfort fit lining made from an anti-microbial moisture wicking material to aid cooling and hygiene, along with a mesh weave palm material and additional vent holes to reduce heat build-up.

Sizes available:
12 oz
14 oz
16 oz
18 oz

Shipped from UK

Only for boxers

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