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Thai Kick Leather Gloves Sparring Razor RX-7

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Carbon Claw | Razor RX

The Razor RX Thai Sparring gloves are manufactured from quality leather materials and when you slip your hand inside you will notice the ergonomic design that the glove forms to position your hand into a perfect clenched fist position around a built in padded grip bar.

Your hand is further supported from all sides with comfortable layers of internal padding.

Incorporating the latest dye cut foams these gloves offer professional sparring performance with excellent shock absorbency.

A wide supportive hook and loop closure system around the wrist allows for multi-adjustment support along with a tie in safety thumb feature that ensures the thumb is not exposed to injury.

The inner thumb and palm areas have vented holes allowing continual air flow to the skin along with moisture wicking anti-microbial internal lining for cooling and hygiene.

The Palm is additionally padded for elbow and knee strike protection.

Sizes available:
8 oz
10 oz
12 oz
14 oz
16 oz

Shipped from UK

Only for boxers

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