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FRAME:S'STRACK MEDIUM MATT BLACK RED LENS: 1500 Grey AF Red Flash Mirror Cat.3 + 500 Clear AF Cat.0 MEDIUM FIT

SYMBIOTECH Exclusive concept featuring V-shaped temples for perfect and even distribution of the weight of the sunglasses. Resulting in advanced comfort and a level of stability never before achieved in the market.

VARIOCHROM TECHNOLOGY automatically adapts to different weather conditions, offering optimal vision in all weather conditions.

INTERCHANGEABLES LENSES Quick and practical lens changing system, allowing you to go out no matter the weather conditions.

ANTI-SLIP RUBBER Rubber insert on the nose pad or temples for enhanced comfort.

ANTI-FOG COATING is applied to the inside of the lens, eliminating condensation and moisture. 

MIRRORED COATING Technique used to enhance lens appearance and/or reinforce effectiveness of filtration.

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