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exceptional 133 view angle reusable replaceable BioActive Foam



D•CURVE’s extra-large, spherical lens utilizes Peripheral Vision Technology 133, delivering an exceptional 133° view angle for safety and enhanced vision, with superior NASTEK optics, while keeping your face clean and comfortable with the world’s first removable, washable, reusable & replaceable snow goggle foam. Defy Limits with D•CURVE. Goodbye, goggle zits! Adios, allergic reactions! Bye-bye, breakouts!

PVT 133 — Peripheral Vision Technology 133° view angle.
BioActive Foam — Removable, washable, reusable, replaceable Chitosante® anti-microbial foam.
ZAIO® UV Plus — 100% UVA, UVB, UVC; 98.9% blue light protection.
ZAIO® Anti-fog — Seven-layer, Anti-Reflex coating resists fog and moisture.
Frame Flex — Comfortable fit with durable, flexible, soft TPU frame body.
Strap features D•CURVE’s No-Slip-Grip silicone so your goggles stay put on your helmet.
Double Lens –Dual thermal lens resists condensation.

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