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advanced river runner kayak Mad Boy
Drago Rossi | Mad Boy
The focus of the Mad Boy design is anything but simple, because its very nature as "advanced river runner" means it will be subjected to all the extremes from huge volume runs to the steepest of creeks. This presents an interesting design dilemma because the very thing that makes a boat good at one makes it bad at the other. This is why it has taken us nearly 3 years to bring this design to market from its first conception. Getting it right was tough, but we got it right. The Mad Boy is as at home on a cascading vertical steep creek as it is on a raging monstrous flooded river. The Mad Boy is fast. Very fast, but we accomplished this without affecting its ability to boof easily. It turns on a dime, punches through the nastiest holes, and will skip effortlessy across the boniest slides without catching an edge. We didn't set out to create the world's best creeker, but this will creek with the best of them. We didn't try to create the ultimate "Stikine style" river runner, but it will do it with style and ease. And if you're just learning to paddle, you couldn't ask for a more forgiving and encouraging platform
lenght | 253 cm
width  | 64 cm
weight | 20 kg
Shipped from Italy
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