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Drago Rossi | Fish
The Fish comes to be as a result of searching for a freestyle kayak that would offer all the air moves and tricks, but without giving up the speed and drive that makes carving kayaks so much fun. The Fish has more rocker than almost any other playboat on the market today, yet it's faster on a wave than any boat except the Squashtail. It has drive and makes turns with power, whille maintaining the ability to rocket into the air. By the very nature of its speed, when you first get in the Fish you'll find you're overshooting the "take off ramp" on waves, but once you get a handle on this, the ride will blow your mind. And in holes the extra center volume and vertical sidewalls make the Fish ultra-retentive, so you can sit high on the pile, end dipping to your hearts content. You'll never get bored, this much is certain!
lenght | 195 cm
width  | 65 cm
weight | 17 kg
Shipped from Italy
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