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ICF approved kayak ideal for slalom races and polo matches
Drago Rossi | Polo 290 Slalom 3.50 K1-C1
Polo kayak, ICF approved and supplied with adjustable pedal footrest, anatomic seat, back bulkhead, integrated with bow and stern rubber cap. It is ideal for slalom races and polo matches. 290 cm length for Polo version and 350 cm length for K1-C1 Slalom version; it is easily transformable from Polo boat to K1-C1 Slalom boat by simply replacing the polo front and back caps with Slalom tip and tail, in just a matter of seconds. The K1 seat system can be easily transformed into a C1 seat system as well. This kayak has been created for instructors and coaches and it makes possible multiple lessons of K1, C1 and Polo. Polo 2.90 K1-C1 is the only instructional kayak created to teach and to entertain at the same time
lenght | 290 cm Polo - 350 cm Slalom
width  | 56 cm
weight | 14 kg
Shipped from Italy
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