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perfect balance between river runner and fun boat Pintail
Drago Rossi | Pintail
The Pintail hits that perfect balance between river runner and fun boat. It's been taken on upper class 5 river runs, making the hardest moves with the best of them, yet get to a fun wave, and you are busting out Helixs and Airblunts. Schools have been using the Pintail to teach basic skills, from the eskimo roll to class 3 river runs, while our pro paddlers are taking this same design to Chile, Russia, India and the Grand Canyon and every time we get the same reaction: "I had so much fun!". The swept rocker and even curve outline, combined with rounded rails, a subtle double concave on the hull, rounded deck coutour and roomy interior are the key elements that make this such an easy to paddle design, yet so versatile and fun all at once
lenght | 219 cm
width  | 65
weight | 17 kg
Shipped from Italy
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