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river running playboat Thruster
Drago Rossi | Thruster
Thruster started off as something bigger paddlers could play in, and also river run. Then, in further testing, we had countless paddlers asking for it to be more like a large Squashtail and finally it evolved again into something completely unique. Some Fish, some Stinger, some Squashtail, and something else entirely. As a river running playboat, the Thruster is fun. It sits high on the water, carries its speed through ferries and over holes. But its true calling is on waves and in holes. Hole riders swear this is its strength. Explosive loops, twirling looping thing in-between means that you feel like the energizer bunny, while for wave surfers it offers balanced compromise of speed, carve and bounce. The Thruster flies around waves almost as well as the Squashtail, and then explodes into the air, bouncing effortlessy. Sure it's fast, and this means that sometimes you overshoot your take-off. So what? Carve a trench back to the top, smack the lip and try again!

lenght | 193 cm
width  |  66 cm
weight | 17 kg
Shipped from Italy
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