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small compact Creek kayak Mafia
Drago Rossi | Mafia
The idea behind the Mafia was to design a small, compact creeker able to handle even the steepest creeks. The Mafia is highly maneuverable and responds to the smallest indication of your desire to change direction but it is easy to use at the same time. It is a kayak that wants to be driven and will give back 110% of what you put into it. But do not confuse this delicate responsiveness with a boat that is hard to paddle. It is not. What the Mafia is, is different to paddle, because we have rethought the entire boat handling problem on creeks. The rocker shape and the carefully placed volumes make it so easy in the boof and practically unstoppable in the holes and at the bottom of drops. It takes a run or two to fall in love with the Mafia, but once you do, you'll be hooked

lenght | 230 cm
width  | 64,5 cm
volume | 238 lt
weight | 20 kg
Shipped from Italy
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