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Ice Hockey skates and blade Viper HC
FILA Skates | Viper HC
Ergonomic design and performance soul for Viper HC. Hockey specifi c blade with ultralight blade holder. Ultra-supportive Anatomical Internal Structure for excellent performance in action. Sporty appeal and easy lacing closure system. Rear protective spoiler and padded tongue to protect from laces bite. Specifi c moulded toe box for enhanced protection in use. Velvet lining for softer feeling and special felt toungue. Extremely responsive, Viper HC guarantees immediate and precise power transmission to the blade. Outstanding power transmission for uncompromised performance.
BladePre-sharpened stainless steel sand polished hockey blade, 52 - 55 HRC, 3,5 mm thick. Ultralight composite blade holder.
StructureAnatomical Internal Structure with reinforced toe box and rear protective spoiler.
ClosureLacing closure system.
Lining Padded velvet lining and felt tongue. Black/red
Color Black/red
Size UK 4 - 13
Shipped from Italy
Ice Hockey | Ice Hockey skates | FILA Skates

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