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Rechargable Freediving computers with carbon fiber ring


Rechargable Freediving computers with carbon fiber ring, featuring PC interface and heart rate chest strap for both Dive and Chrono mode. UP-X1 and X1R are customizable with personal data, providing an indication of kcal consumption and heartbeat.

This computer features a switchable Dive function, providing depth, dive time, water temperature and heart rate besides the standard properties of a digital watch (Hour, Date, Chrono, Timer, Alarm, Dual Time). Memory: Max up to 250 dive records. When “Dive” mode is OFF, UP-X1/UP-X1R is a heart rate monitor for running, swimming and cycling sessions.

Equipped with USB recharging cable (for UP-X1R) and data download.

By connecting the UP-X1/UP-X1R to your PCMAC, you can recharge  the battery (UP-X1R) and download all dive data in a special program that allows you to display and store all recorded info.


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